Shamanic Energy Healing

What is Qi Energy?

Everything in the material world at it’s most fundamental level is Light, Energy and Sound.

Qi Energy is one of the most fundamental elements of life itself but is also the most difficult to understand. It is the primary source that has the ability to create and support life bringing all things in nature back into balance and harmony. When we as humans have sufficient Qi Energy and it flows with ease we radiate health, vitality and well-being within the mind, body and spirit. When we are lacking in Qi Energy or possess a blockage, we will often find that physical illness can develop.

When we are born, Qi Energy is at its peak and it is from this point, depending on how we choose to live our lives, that this natural energy can be maintained or depleted. In our modern day, fast paced living, we often use up our energy far too quickly, and we have forgotten and disconnected from our innate intuitive knowing of how to replenish our depleted energy systems effectively.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a natural therapy where positive healing energy is channeled through to the patient and is guided to where the unbalanced or depleted energy resides (which results in stress or illness). Here at Sacred Space we offer Energy Healings that are a fusion of techniques that both practitioners skilfully use to assist you in cleansing, replenishing, re-calibrating and ultimately instigating a healing effect on all levels of existence. Our intention is to bring deep resonance to your healing treatment in order to remind your entire being of it’s own healing potential.

What is Shamanic Energy Healing and what does it involve?

Shamanic energy healing is a specific method to instigate healing on a deep Soul and cellular level. This healing is energetic and dynamic and covers a number of different techniques. These are:

Extraction and cleansing – When we hold heavy energies within our field for long periods of time they will eventually settle in our energetic and physical system as much denser forms creating blockages, resulting in a variety of symptoms that are seemingly non-related. These intrusive energies can be for example thought forms such as ‘insecurity’, ‘anger’, ‘guilt’, ‘fear’ that can either be self-inflicted or taken on from others. They can also be rooted within past lives, past or current wounds and traumas. Energy tracking through the body and Chakra cleansing is one method used to help clear and assist with personal healing.

Ancestral imprints and past life healing – It has been found that trauma of both physical and mental/emotional can be passed down through generations and ancestral lineage. This may be in the form of inferior complexes, addictions, unexplained phobias or dis-eases. Some imbalances can be conscious but we may not understand the root cause and others may be subconscious such as a deep rooted belief systems that are actually in disharmony with our expression of true self. Shamanic healing methods such as energy tracking can locate areas that have been affected and act as a catalyst for healing wherever the root cause began.

Soul Retrieval – This method may be called into play when a person experiences something called ‘soul loss’: when an individual loses a part of his or her spiritual/vital/Qi energy – e.g ‘I don’t feel complete’. Soul loss can be caused by a number of different experiences such as physical or sexual abuse, death of a loved one, severe or chronic illness to name a few. It should be noted that this is not an uncommon phenomenon to experience some level of soul loss within current lives or past lifetimes. Repressed, forgotten and gaps in memory could also be an effect of soul loss. The Practitioner is able to retrieve the missing Soul part and return it to the person and when appropriate uncover how and when the separation occurred. The gifts of Soul Retrieval are increased personal power, clarity of purpose and life direction, healing of physical injury and illness and a shift to a positive state of consciousness.

What can energy healing help me with?

Our energy healings can help with a wide variety of conditions. It is a process of revitalisation, relaxation and release at a subtle yet profound level. This helps the body to readjust and heal itself spontaneously at its own pace, in its own way. Energy healings naturally seek out the root cause as well as the current symptom therefore it can often mean that the outcome of a treatment may be beneficial in an unexpected way. Results may not necessarily be immediate either and can often be experienced as a gradual release and improvement of general well-being over time. Sometimes this process is obvious and other times subtle.

As an example you may seek energy healing if you are suffering with stress related symptoms such as anxiety, excessive worry, sadness, low on energy, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, emotional imbalances and much more. You may also simply book in a treatment to deeply relax, nothing less, nothing more!

Do I need to be ill to receive an Energy Healing?

Certainly not! These treatments are not only for those suffering with an illness or stress but for those who are seeking a way of ‘coming home to themselves’. Our healings help you to fine tune your mind, body and spirit, bringing you to your greatest potential of creativity, intuition, self expression and restoring true balance to your life that can affect your emotions, your relationships and your future. It is the ultimate ‘treat’ for oneself!


What will happen in my first treatment?

Before our treatments we send out a short questionnaire to establish what you would like the healing to be focused upon. Please make sure these are filled out and returned via email at least 2 days prior to your treatment. For the healing we encourage you wear loose comfortable clothing.

You will be welcomed to your Sacred Space treatment room, settled and offered a glass of water. We will explain to you what to expect and answer any questions that you may have. You will then lie down on a comfortable therapy couch where you can allow yourself to deeply relax. You will receive the energy healing with your chosen practitioner who will work intuitively creating a space that is safe, comforting, peaceful and calm.  We use a variety of different tools for the healing depending on the patient which include either light touch or none at all, shamanic pendulum dowsing and sacred sounds. It is quite normal to experience sensations such as tingling, warmth, coolness and sometimes discomfort which is energy coming to the surface to be released. Sometimes a release may come in the form of emotional release such as laughing, crying or deep breathing – each case is completely unique. The majority of our patients feel incredibly relaxed following a treatment. We ask that you are gentle with yourself and allow up to 10 days for the energies to settle and integrate.

We are here to guide you towards a healthier and happier you, so just simply come and focus upon relaxing and enjoy being suspended in this healing cocoon.


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